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  • Main: 678-608-1897 | Direct: 678-538-3633
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Our team works hard to improve the services we offer, and our clients’ testimonials are proof that our hard work paid off. Read about our clients and staff experiences in working closely with us.

3 Responses to Testimonials

  1. ATC Healthcare, Athens GA is a wonderful place to work. They really respect their employees. Personal time off is not a problem at ATC Healthcare. You can work whatever hours you want to work, and the pay is great.

    Certified Nurse Assistant

  2. I find ATC Staffing to be highly professional and dependable. I enjoy working with their representatives they are attentive and responsive to our needs.

    Staffing Coordinator
    Greene Point Health and Rehab

  3. Working with ATC Healthcare Services, Athens GA over the past months has been an experience worth commendable to the countless job seekers out there. With an excellent communication flow between workers and the administration, great benefits, opportunity to get a perfect work schedule, company free from all forms of biases, coupled with a competitive pay rate; ATC Healthcare Services will always stand out as the first choice amongst many.

    BSN, Registered Nurse

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